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Ashley Li Ye

Nationality: Singaporean
Course: Jewelry Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 3, 2018 - Apr. 26, 2019

After graduating with a Diploma in business, Ashley decided to do something she likes and turns it into her career.
She has some experience in metalsmithing and precious metal Silver clay. After winning the competition hosted by Accademia Raici, she started her path in this therapeutic city, Florence.

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Reporter: Ashley Li Ye | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewelry Design vol.26 – One Year 2018 (a.l.y)

Jewelry Design blog
Each couleur au choix agate is different from another. When we render it, we go by layers from the lightest colour to the darkest.

Jewelry Design blog
There are two colours commonly used in high jewellery for Jade.One of them is Jade clair.

Jewelry Design blog
Jade is mostly known for its green varieties and is featured in ancient Asian art.

Jewelry Design blog
Turquoise is opaque and often seen with a light blue base and dark strips.

Jewelry Design blog
For malachite, we use the same actions we applied for rhodochrosite. A layer of light blue first and add on the green, continue with dark green strips at the end.

Jewelry Design blog
Opal is well known by their displays play-of-colour(iridescence). It came in a variety of colours.

Jewelry Design blog
Lapis lazuli is famous for its intense colour and was used as pigment for paintings in the ancient time. We give a base as usual, and the tricky part is to make the gold lines.

Jewelry Design blog
Course well ended, thank you for everything Monica! You have always been an excellent teacher to me.

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