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Ting Ya Lin

Country: Taiwan
Course: Jewelry Design
Program: Master Course
Period: Jan 10, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022

I was a nurse, but with my love and interest in art I studied interior design, jewelry design and metalworking related courses in the Institute of Applied Fine Arts at Fu Jen University in Taiwan. I like jewelry design very much, so I was honored to participate in the design competition held by the school, and I won the prize.
I decided to come here to take the jewelry design course for improving my drawing ability and deepen the knowledge of jewelry design. I hope that my design works will be appreciated and that I will open my own studio in the future.

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Reporter: Ting Ya Lin | Course: Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design vol.20 (Master Course – Ting Ya Lin)

Verona is a historic city located on the banks of the Adige River in Veneto, northern Italy . It was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 .
“Shakespeare ‘s masterpiece ” Romeo and Juliet ” is based on this city, which is known as the “City of Love”.

The Old Castle (Italian: “Castelvecchio”) is a castle in Verona, and is the most important military building built by the Scaliger family who ruled the city in the Middle Ages .
The old castle is a powerful, Gothic building with little decoration, its notable feature is the M-shaped merlon along the walls of the castle and bridges.
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blogInterior of the old castle
Jewelry Design blogScaligero Bridge
Jewelry Design blogVerona Arena
Jewelry Design blogInside Verona Arena
Jewelry Design blogElementary school students teaching off-campus at Verona Arena.
Jewelry Design blogTomba di Giulietta
Situated in a historical convent from the 13th century, this is the place where, supposedly, the lovers of the Shakespeare’s play died together.
Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater
The archaeological museum at the Roman theater is a large museum complex located in the Veronetta district of Verona.
Archaeological Museum and interior of the Roman Theater, Verona
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blog
Casa di Giulietta – Verona
Juliet’s house is a medieval palace in Verona.
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet found confirmation in Verona and fantasy mixed legend and reality, so much so that various places were recognized where the story narrated by Shakespeare would take place.
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blog
Jewelry Design blogPiazza delle Erbe

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