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Ting Ya Lin

Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Jewelry Design
Program: Master Course
Period: Jan. 10, 2022 - Jul. 29, 2022

I was a nurse, but with my love and interest in art I studied interior design, jewelry design and metalworking related courses in the Institute of Applied Fine Arts at Fu Jen University in Taiwan. I like jewelry design very much, so I was honored to participate in the design competition held by the school, and I won the prize.
I decided to come here to take the jewelry design course for improving my drawing ability and deepen the knowledge of jewelry design. I hope that my design works will be appreciated and that I will open my own studio in the future.

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Reporter: Ting Ya Lin | Course: Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design vol.11 (Master Course – Ting Ya Lin)

This week, by collecting flower information and selecting 3 pictures to draw. Refer to the jewelry design pattern on the book, and then proceed to the jewelry design.
Jewelry Design blogPicture 1 : This is the collection of flower information.
Jewelry Design blogPicture 2 : Choose 3 pictures, make a MOOD BOAR design, and find out the color of the pictures.
Jewelry Design blogPicture 3 : Draw a floral pattern according to the color card.
Jewelry Design blogPicture 4
Jewelry Design blogPicture 5
Jewelry Design blogPicture 6 : Design 3 jewelry styles based on floral patterns.
Jewelry Design blogPicture 7
Jewelry Design blogPicture 8
Art Visit
Villa La Petraia
The Medici Villa La Petraia is located in the hilly area of Castello , in via Petraia 40 in Florence . It is considered one of the most beautiful and celebrated Medici villas , located in a panoramic position overlooking the city of Florence.
Jewelry Design blogPicture 9
Jewelry Design blogPicture 10
Jewelry Design blogPicture 11
Jewelry Design blogPicture 12 : The frescoed courtyard
Jewelry Design blogPicture 13 : The dining room
Jewelry Design blogPicture 14 : Italian garden

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