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Emilia Asanza

Nationality: Ecuadorian
Course: Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sept. 8, 2014 - Apr. 24, 2015

She studied jewelry making in Ecuador for 3 years, and came to Italy to study new techniques of Jewelry. She chose Italy because Italy is the cradel of arts and place with great artists. She’d also like to learn more about culture, gastronomy and Italian people.

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Jewelry Course : Weekly Report (Reporte Semanal oct 13 – 17)

This week we still practices who to make an isometric projections, the teacher wants us to improve our skill very well because this is one of the most important thing to learn.
We want to be very good in this, because in our future this is the base of our job.

Esta semana hemos seguido practicando las proyecciones isométricas, la profesora, Annalisa quiere que mejoremos bastante la habilida sobre estas proyecciones. Esto es la base de nuestro aprendisaje. Necesiamos saber super bien hacer este tipo de proyecciones, ya que esto es la base de nuestro trabajo.

Emilia_20141023_1  Emilia_20141023_2


In our walking tour we went to Boboli garden, I’ve never been there so I really like it. The view in this place its such amazing and also the history. To know this place belonged to royal family and they walked through the garden. Andy told us a very interesting and amazing history about it.

En nuestro recorrido en nuestra clases de los viernes (walking tour) fuimos a los jardín de Boboli, nunca he estado ahi, así que realmente me gusto la visita a ese lugar, saber que esos jardines pertenecieron a una familia rea, recorrer por los mismo senderos y conetarse a esa epoca. Andy nos contó una historia muy interesante y sobre esos jardines.

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The weekend I went to a fair with a friends, I heard this fair it be amazing so I had a lot expectation about it. When I was there, I saw a machine in 3D and robots for doing almost everything. During my tour for the fair I saw some designs strange but I really love it.

Este fin de seaman fui a una feria, tenia muchas espectativas por ir, ya que habia oido buenos comentarios sobre la feria. Una vez ahi, habia una exhibicion de impresoras en 3D y robots que hacian casi todo. Durante mi visita en la feria, vi una exhibicion de diseños estraños pero hermoso.

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