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Doreen Tan Hwee Kheng

Country: Singapore
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Jan 13, 2020 - Jul 24, 2020

Hi, I am Doreen from Singapore. I have learned crochet at a very young age, and decided to try wire crochet jewellery. Last year, I submitted a wire crocheted bracelet in participation of the Art and Design Completion of Accademia Riaci 2019. It has won the 2nd place in Jewellery Making category. Therefore, with this great opportunity, decided to widen my knowledge and to deepen my skill in perusing the jewellery making course.

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Jewelry Making One-Year Course (n.3)

Jewellery Making blogPic 1 & 2 – Windows come in many forms, shapes and fashions but they serve the purpose of bring light in darkness. In this light, we see light. Accademia Riaci is my window that brings me the light of a wider scope and greater skill of jewellery making.
Jewellery Making blogPic 2
Jewellery Making blogPic 3 – This set of tools belongs to a 2 years old Grace, daughter of one of the school’s staff. Both parents, being creative, set the environment of cultivating her to a skillful craft woman. Great is their love for Grace!
Jewellery Making blogPic 4 – Some cultural differences with Florence and Singapore are such as; bars here are actually Caffè where coffee, sandwiches and snacks are sold. Back in my homeland, bar is where one drinks wine and liquor, meant for age 18 and above. Secondly, addresses of homes bear the street name and the block number. The owners’ names are found on a plaque on the wall of the main entrance. Whereas, ours is, other than block number, street name, we have unit number, such as #02-1153, meaning level 2 and house number 1153. The unit number remains regardless of the owner.
Jewellery Making blogPic 5 – The instructor demonstrating the right way of filing the straight edge of silver. Using a plier to hold the centre of the silver piece, with one end of the silver rest on the bench and the other supported by the thumb. Filing the edge firm and flat with right hand.
Jewellery Making blogPic 6 & 7 – This is our first lesson on stone setting. First and for most, we have to melt the sealing wax, applied it on the top of the stick so that it can hold the copper sheet, for practice purposes.
Jewellery Making blogPic 7
Jewellery Making blogPic 8 & 9 – our first practise on engraving, with straight lines then curve and more curve lines build on curves to form designs.
Jewellery Making blogPic 9


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