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Doreen Tan Hwee Kheng

Nationlity: Singaporean
Course: Jewellery Making
Program: One Year Course
Period: Jan. 13, 2020 - Jul. 24, 2020

Hi, I am Doreen from Singapore. I have learned crochet at a very young age, and decided to try wire crochet jewellery. Last year, I submitted a wire crocheted bracelet in participation of the Art and Design Completion of Accademia Riaci 2019. It has won the 2nd place in Jewellery Making category. Therefore, with this great opportunity, decided to widen my knowledge and to deepen my skill in perusing the jewellery making course.

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Reporter: Doreen Tan Hwee Kheng | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewellery Making vol.1 (One Year Course – doreen)

Jewellery Making blog
Pic 1-Arrived on 6 Jan 2020, a week before school team start. I got a great host who cooked Italian home-cooked lunch for me upon my arrival.
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 2-Followed by checking out the bus route to Accademia Riaci.
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 3-End my first in Florence with this beautiful sunse scenery at ponte vecchio.
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 4 to 7-This is my equipped classroom for jewellery making with many different working stations.
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 5
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 6
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 7
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 8-My first project is a ring. The instructor demonstrating the right way of filing a curve edge.
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 9-Finally, my textured ring!my textured ring!
Jewellery Making blog
Pic 10-On Thursday, we have basic painting lesson. My first attempted portrait drawing, of course with much coaching and guidance from the artist instructor.
Even it is only my first week, I glad that I made the right decision to come and looking forward to the weeks ahead.

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