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Emi Ota
Emi Ota

Nationality: Japan
Course: Internship
Program: Internship
Period: Sept 1,2016- Sept 30,2017


I am an intern photographer and assistant at Accademia Riaci.
I quit my job as a photographer in Japan and came here with my husband who wanted to work at a restaurant in Italy. I took a Gelato Internship Course at Accademia Riaci meanwhile.
After my new challenge, however, I began to think that there was more possibility in the photography field in Italy so I decided to go back to my area of expertise and restart.
I love coffee, so I enjoy visiting coffee bars in and around town.
I hope I can let you know useful and helpful Italian daily-life and school information in my reports.

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Internship 9-Internship Course 2016



Art Short Course – Jewelry Making

Yuriko is almost finished with her 1-month Jewelry Making Course.
“Everyday is exciting and time just flies!” she told us. She started making jewelry because she always liked hand making, and she has been obsessed by the beautiful and exquisite structure of jewelries. She shared with us some of the excellent works she completed in her 1-month course.

Emi Ota_20161222_01

Emi Ota_20161222_02

Emi Ota_20161222_03

Emi Ota_20161222_04


Christmas in Florence!
Illuminations and decorations are not too flashy in Florence. And of course, the most famous spot in Florence turns into Christmas.

Emi Ota_20161222_05

A huge Christmas tree in front of the Duomo!
Italian Christmas music adds the festive yet solemn atmosphere.

Emi Ota_20161222_06

Piazza della Repubblica (Repubblica Square) in the rainy day is much more gorgeous with bright reflection of the lights from the stone pavement.

Emi Ota_20161222_08

There is a projection mapping on Ponte Vecchio.

Emi Ota_20161222_07

Emi Ota_20161222_09


Accademia Riaci is closed for winter recess now.
Prof. Marco sent a beautiful bouquet of chocolate-covered roses to the school secretary office. Its wonderful smell is so tempting; too bad it’s not edible!
This marvelous gift made all of the ladies in the office smile.
Well, that’s about it for today. Have a great winter vacation, everyone!

Buon natale!
Buone vacanze a tutti!



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