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Nationality: Korean
Course: Furniture Making & Restoration
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Jan. 14, 2019 - Jul. 26, 2019

I have two years of experience in working at a wood shop. My motivation to join the Accademia was to expand my knowledge of craftsmanship and to accomplish the master course. I see the incredible value of furniture design because there are no longer many carpenters as we've had in the past. Due to the advancement of factories and the machinery, there is no longer the beauty of fitted furniture which made me started to question.

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Reporter: Jioh KANG | Course: Furniture Making & Restoration

Furniture Making & Restoration vol.7 (One-Year Course – Jioh)

Interior Design blog
Once the gommalacca has been dried off using 98percent alcohol to gently wipe the excessive off. Using the fountain pen and Ink, follow through the design of polished plate of the vase. I have interpreted in different design to insulate the using the ink and pen, created the design with a personal interpretation from the original to accentuate in more modern twist. Due to the sharpness of the fountain pen it is easily to be drawn on the surface. The reason behind to draw once the gommalacca has been applied is because of the alcohol base which will fade away the ink.

Interior Design blog
Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte, located south from Piazzale Michelangelo. As a class, we took a bus for briefly 20 minutes by the Arno. To arrive, we had to walk up the stairs where you are struck by Romanesque Chiesa in a glimpse. White and greyish green marbled facade jointed with a monastery.

Interior Design blog
The view up from the stairs, the entrance of Chiesa facing the whole city in a sight. Inside it’s consisted of beautiful frescos and sketches along the walls. The layers built over time and history, various movements to be present in the space. Stripped down fractures to leave clues behind.

Interior Design blog
The great holy water stand, revised with beautiful white marbles in variety. Extremely sensual design with delicate and beautiful curves along the stand gives the elegant contemporary taste.

Interior Design blog
Astounding view of an apse, a mosaic depicting the Christ holding a crown.

Interior Design blog
A ladder in front of the mass stand, as a contemporary sculpture. The ladder’s bottom is narrow and widens as it goes upwards. The possible significance of Biblical sense to reach for Heaven.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Frescos previously have been completely covered with Frescos and over time it has all shredded away. The historical value to bury saints and important figures in a church has been a big problem to frescos. Therefore for conservation reasons, it is no longer permitted to bury bodies in the church.

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