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Nationality: Vietnam
Course: Furniture Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: May 6, 2024 – Dec. 13, 2024

Hi guys! My name’s Tú and I’m from Viet Nam. As someone has passion in design and art, especially in furniture design. It was a great honor for me to become one of the Competition’s winners in 2023 and by that I had the chance to not only study but experience life in Italy.

Jul. 07, 2024 | Posted in Reports, Interior Design , | Tags:, Reporter: Kha Tu TRUONG | Course: Interior Design

Furniture Design One-Year Course (#7) – K T Truong

Furniture Design blog I finished the last step for my second project, the technical drawing. I’m still learning so it’s not the most completed drawing for production but still I’ll make sure to improve it in my next project.
Furniture Design blog This week we went to try the local Tuscany restaurant – Trattoria Sabatino, this restaurant is famous for the good foods with affordable prices. Tuscany is well-known for the meat quality so we tried the roasted beef with potatoes and we weren’t disappointed.
Furniture Design blog My Bic pen drawing class ended, I had my two painting completed and for the last session I free handed my painting but couldn’t finish it so I would continue working on it at home. It was a nice class and experience to me, brought back in me my passion for drawing.
Furniture Design blog We had time in Parco Mediceo di Pratolino for art visit. The park was so big and I thought it was a suitable place to enjoy the nature once in a while when we needed to breathe. A great place to walk around or having picnic.
Furniture Design blog There were many green fields in Pratolino park and I happened to find a little daisy named Margherita, also the name of the most famous pizza in Italy.
Furniture Design blog During weekend I and Yuki decided to visit Rome. The city was so beautiful with the amazing ancient architectures. We had our time in one of the most beautiful church – Basilica di Sant’Andrea della Valle. This church was a truly heritage, it was consecrated in 1650.
Furniture Design blog The ceiling of the church is so gorgeous that they have to put 2 mirrors in the center so people can notice and admire the artwork. But how can you not, right?
Furniture Design blog Rome is not only a beautiful city for all the ancient destinations but also for the delicious foods. We had many real good deals here and I had my first Carbonara ever since I came to Italy in Rome. The portion was a bit big to me but I finished it all because it was so tasty.
Furniture Design blog We didn’t have much time for this trip so we just wandering around the famous destinations and didn’t manage to get in but we promised to come back next time and explore more. The Pantheon surprised me by how giant it was and I wondered how could they manage to build it back in the day.
Furniture Design blog Colosseum stay right in the center and people can admire this mighty building easily just by walking by.
Furniture Design blog We also visit Trevi fountain and it was so crowded, also it was the cleaning day each week so we couldn’t toss the coin into the fountain. But it’s alright, next time!



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