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Nationality: Finland
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: 1year ATELIER COURSE
Period: Oct.14,2013 - June 6,2014

She completed her BA degree in Fine Arts in 2011. Having studied sculpture, photographing, stone cutting, lost wax casting,electroforming and contemporary jewellery, she decided to follow her interest and focus on more traditional goldsmithing techniques. She came to Florence, the most famous city of art and craftmanship in Italy, to study jewelry making and also attended to courses specialized in hand engraving and Florentine fret saw piercing with highly skilled rofessors.

Mar. 10, 2014 | Posted in Reports, Jewelry Making , | Tags:, Reporter: S.K. | Course: Jewelry Making

Florentine style earrings 2

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Florentine style EARRINGS 2
1. Earrings are being attached to a sealing wax to be handly engraved. Earrings are made from silver.

Florentine style EARRINGS 2
2. The top part of the earrings being attached to a sealing wax sick so that they stay firmly during engraving.

Florentine style EARRINGS 2
3. Ready engraved earrings after washing and polishing.

Florentine style EARRINGS 2
4. A portfolio picture of finished earrings. Earrings are made from silver.

Florentine style EARRINGS 2
5. A portfolio picture of the finished earrings.



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