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Delgermaa DEMBEREL

Nationality: Mongolian
Course: Fashion Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 2, 2019 - Apr. 24, 2020

Hello, my name is Delgermaa I am a fashion design student; I won first place in the beginner’s category and I’m here to learn and to have an amazing experience, as a study abroad student and learn all about the Italian culture.

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Reporter: Delgermaa DEMBEREL | Course: Fashion Design

Fashion Design vol.2 (One-Year Course – Delgermaa)

This is my second weekend here in Accademia Riaci.
Still many things are new to me. First of all, at the school I have learnt how to work on adobe illustrator and I think it is quite interesting and I really enjoyed working on it. But at the moment I am having a problem with my notebook. I did not download illustrator on my laptop so that I have to use school computer. However, I’m hoping it will work soon because i really want to develop my skill on the computer.

Fashion Design blog
And I also made a new friends, they are so friendly and nice but unfortunately Than is leaving now…

Fashion Design blog
After the school I went out to take some pictures. And this, isn’t it wonderful? It’s so mesmerizing when the sun goes down, all the colors and the atmosphere everything became unbelievably beautiful…

Fashion Design blog
And I went here I forgot the name sorry but I really admired all the things that I saw that day… it was amazing.

Fashion Design blog
This was just right after when our art visit finished. I roamed the streets alone even it was really hot outside.

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