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Taeko Matsumoto

Country: Japan
Course: Ceramics
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 2, 2019 - Sep 27, 2019

🇬🇧 I have been in pottery for about three years in my country, Japan. I especially love making sculptures. I always spend a lot of time trying to make things carefully, so I wanted to be able to meet the Italian culture and people and make colorful and open works. I want to learn the differences and similarities between Italian and Japanese techniques, absorb those that fit my work, and connect them to future works. I look forward to being able to concentrate on pottery every day while living in Italy.

🇯🇵 陶芸は日本の陶芸教室で3年ほど経験しています。彫刻的な立体作品を作っている時が一番好きです。いつも時間をかけて丁寧に作ろうとし過ぎてしまうので、イタリアの文化や人達に触れ、カラフルで大らかな作品を作れるようになりたいです。イタリアと日本の技法の違いや似ているところを学んで、自分の作品に合っているものを吸収して、今後の作品に繋げていきたいと思っています。イタリアで生活しながら陶芸に毎日集中できるのが楽しみです。

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Ceramics Summer Course (n.1)

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 In the evening, a guy from the same apartment came home and showed me around a nearby supermarket. At night, a high school student in the cooking course came home and treated me to cooking. I’m going back tomorrow morning, so it was nice to meet you and have a farewell party.
🇯🇵 夕方に同じフラットの子が帰って来て、近くのスーパーを案内してくれた。夜に高校生の料理コースの子が帰って来て料理を振舞ってくれた。明日の朝帰るので、初めましてとお別れ会になった。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 Class started at the workshop: The day the class started. A workshop a little far from the city of Florence. The interpreter said that it was a town that prospered with GINORI (a pottery manufacturer). I don’t think it’s Ginori’s, but there’s a big chimney in front of the studio 🙂
🇯🇵 工房で授業スタート。授業が始まった日。フィレンツェ市内から少し離れた工房。GINORI(陶器メーカー)で栄えた街だと通訳さんが言っていた。GINORIのものではないと思うけど、工房の目の前に大きな煙突がある。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 When you enter the studio, the works made by the teachers are displayed and sold at the entrance. Looking at this work, I thought it would be easy to imagine what kind of work could be made here, and it would be easy to convey my hopes. The workshop is large, clean, and easy to use with only female teachers.
🇯🇵 工房に入ると入り口に先生達の作った作品を展示販売している。この作品を見ればどんな作品がここで作れるのかイメージしやすいし、希望を伝えやすいと思った。工房は女の先生ばかりで広くて綺麗で使いやすそう。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 At first, as an orientation, I was told to make the pottery using only my hands, just like the old people did. Without using any tools, I felt like a child and it became a generous work.
🇯🇵 最初はオリエンテーション的な感じで道具を使わず手だけで昔の人と同じように器を作りましょうと言われた。道具を使わないと子供みたいな気分で大らかな作品になった。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 COLOMBINO pottery making: On the next day, I requested a technique called COLOMBINO, in which a plaster mold is connected with a string and a circle of clay. It was good that he was able to learn techniques that he had been interested in for a long time. Because it is a delicate structure, it is made with rough red clay that is different from yesterday. The soil is used for roofing and bricks.
🇯🇵 COLOMBINOの器作り。次の日はCOLOMBINOという石膏の型に紐と丸の粘土を繋げていく技法を希望した。以前から興味のあった技法をここで習えて良かった。繊細な造りなので、昨日とは違う荒めの赤土で作る。屋根とかレンガに使われる土。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 College girls also started on the same day. Some girls are from India. When other people are learning together, it’s interesting to see various discoveries even if you’re watching from the side.
🇯🇵 大学生の女の子も同じ日にスタート。インドから来た女の子もいる。他の人が一緒に習ってると横で見ていても色々な発見があって面白い。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 Trip to Venice for the weekend: My friend was in Venice, so I went to see him. A little over two hours by bullet train called “Italo”. Venice is beautiful and has a very different atmosphere than Florence.
🇯🇵 週末はベネチアへ。友達がベネチアに来ていたので、会いに行った。Italoの電車で2時間ちょっと。ベネチアは美しくて、フィレンツェとはまた違う雰囲気が味わえた。

Ceramics blog
🇬🇧 Festival: The bus returning to my apartment in Florence suddenly changed course, so I got off in a hurry. The street next to the flat was closed to traffic and a festival was taking place. The children looked like they were having fun holding lanterns. The quiet town became lively.
🇯🇵 お祭り。フィレンツェ市内からフラットに帰るバスが急に道を変えたので急いで降りた。フラットの横の通りが通行止めでお祭りをしていた。子供達は提灯的なものを持って楽しそうだった。静かな街が賑やかになった。



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