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Avika Kateprajak
Avika Kateprajak

Nationality: Thai
Course: Bag Making
Program: 1year Course
Period: 2014/9/7 - 2015/4/22

I have my own little brand in Thailand, I have seriously realized that I have to improve the quality of my products and the professional skills. Italy immediately came into my head as It is well known for leather product.Where can I learn from the best.

Jan. 12, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Bag Making & Leather Arts , | Tags:, Reporter: Avika Kateprajak | Course: Bag Making & Leather Arts

Bag Making Course 3

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_1
My next bag suggested by teacher, I decided to mix the color with black and brow. The first step is the same (cut the pieces of leather from pattern)

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_2
The strap and handle in brown

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_3

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_4

Put the strap across the bag and then stiching with zip and lining.
After that, I got the body part of this bag

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_5

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_6
put it together with the side part

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_7

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_8
In hand making class, I decide to make a mini bag and all step is by hand stiched.

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_9

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_10
This is how I made the shoulder strap. (I did it like a belt)

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_11

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_12
I did two of different handles for learning (with metal and without metal)

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_13

Avika Kateprajak_20150110_14
And finally after long time with hand stiching I got it!!



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