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Nationality: Thai
Course: Bag Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sep. 2, 2019 - Apr. 24, 2020

With a background working in the fashion industry as a bag designer for a brand in Bangkok, Thailand. She has participated in the art and design competition of Accademia Riaci in the year 2018 and has won the 2nd place in the Bag Design category. She decided to pursue her goal and broaden her knowledge in Florence, Italy.

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Reporter: Arpagorn DARINTAPONG | Course: Bag Design

Bag Design vol.9 (One-Year Course – Arpagorn)

Week 9: Bag design course
Tue 05.11.2019
Design class
Today I continued sketching backpack with color and discussed with Prof. Veronica about the materials for handle and decoration. She suggested me a jewelry brand that they use resin as a reference that I could go to see the store later.
Wed 06.11.2019
Design class
Today I scanned the bag sketches to edit and clean in Photoshop for making a presentation. Prof. Veronica taught me some photoshop techniques and what should I do for portfolio.

Bag Design blog
Pic 01: Working on my sketch in Photoshop

Basic lesson – Painting class
We started painting study. I used gouache color for medium and paint the model sculpture in the studio. Prof. Lorenzo taught me about drawing and painting techniques.

Bag Design blogPic2: Painting in studio
Thu 07. 11.2019
I continued editing my sketches in Photoshop. Prof. Francesca guided me in some detail works. In the afternoon I took a walk in Santa Croce area and went to see an interesting show room and workshop for visitors.

Bag Design blogPic3: Visiting Santa Croce area
Fri 08.11.2019
Art visit – Basilica di Santo Spirito
Today we visited the church of Santo Spirito in Oltrano quarter. This is the examples of Renaissance architecture. The last work of Brunelleschi. There was a wooden crucifix that Michelangelo made for the church when he lived and worked there for sometimes. I had a great time observing artworks in the church.
Bag Design blogPic 4: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Bag Design blogPic 5: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Bag Design blogPic 6: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Bag Design blogPic 7: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Bag Design blogPic 8: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Bag Design blogPic 9: Basilica di Santo Spirito
Bag Design blog
Pic10: We had Gusta pizza for lunch at Piazza di Santo Spirito

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