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GAIN - Natthanan Vatthanasangpan

Nationlity: Thailand
Course: Bag Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: May. 3, 2021 - Dec. 10, 2021

Based on my journey experiences, bag is like mobile home for me. It always represents people choices and selections which are necessary things in their everyday life. Since I have been worked as designer for many years, this is the perfect time to improve my two-dimensional works to be something practical in concrete ways. Hereby, I choose bag to be as my product which I hope it could be something extraordinary for people everyday life.

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Reporter: GAIN - Natthanan Vatthanasangpan | Course: Bag Design

Bag Design vol.5 (One Year Course – gain)

Bag Design blog
I have started this week with my second bag design. Before get going, I intend to summarize overall of my ideas first, rather than thinking about its shape and forms like the first design. And I concern more about practical for users. However, I still keep my own philosophy during design it.
Bag Design blogPicture 1: I begin by doing some research based on my real experiences and observations since I have lived in Florence so far. Then, I find some good references from the supermarket nearby my apartment. They are a food packaging which I am interested in their functions. I see that their functions could support customers carrying them back home easily. So, I think these kinds of packaging for everyday life could be helpful for the practical idea of my design somehow.
Bag Design blogPicture 2: This time I begin sketch by 3 dimensional drawing as much as I could. Therefore, I didn’t draw only the front view as the first time but also draw them in perspective view.
Bag Design blogPicture 3: I tried to develop shapes and forms to see another potentials of my new bag pattern. Also, trying to resolve some weakness from the first design such as, practical concerns, incorrect measurement or my perspective drawing.
Bag Design blogPicture 4 : After seeing dimension in my sketches, I start to think about the materials and potentials more for the possibility of real production. Then, I decide to represent the material ideas by trying to coloring in my sketches. This strategy shows me the variety of color palettes in my new designs as well.

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