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GAIN - Natthanan Vatthanasangpan

Nationlity: Thailand
Course: Bag Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: May. 3, 2021 - Dec. 10, 2021

Based on my journey experiences, bag is like mobile home for me. It always represents people choices and selections which are necessary things in their everyday life. Since I have been worked as designer for many years, this is the perfect time to improve my two-dimensional works to be something practical in concrete ways. Hereby, I choose bag to be as my product which I hope it could be something extraordinary for people everyday life.

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Reporter: GAIN - Natthanan Vatthanasangpan | Course: Bag Design

Bag Design vol.3 (One Year Course – gain)

This week is such a productive week. I have practiced by doing paper prototype for my first design. It is good to see my two-dimensional design in the concrete way because I can see its function and real measurement which might be useful for the production process in the future.
Bag Design blogPicture 1: I used plain card papers to do my bag prototype. They are thick enough to contain the shape of my bag and I can try to carry around to see how it fit for human body
Bag Design blogPicture 2: The prototype measurement is close enough to the real size of my bag. Then, I use its details to indicate in the template of my bag in digital version which is helpful for production process in the future.
Bag Design blogPicture 3: When I have some leisure time during the week. I plan to do some sketch and painting the view from my room. I love to relax this spot when I am back home.
Bag Design blogPicture 4: While I paint, I have a scratch paper to test my color palette before coloring on my paint. It is interested to use it as my color palette during design my bag as well.

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