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Arpagorn Darintapong

Country: Thailand
Course: Bag Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sep 2, 2019 - Apr 24, 2020

With a background working in the fashion industry as a bag designer for a brand in Bangkok, Thailand. She participated in the art and design competition of Accademia Riaci in the year 2018 and won 2nd place in the Bag Design category. She decided to pursue her goal and broaden her knowledge in Florence, Italy.

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Bag Design One-Year Course (n.2)

Week 2 : Bag design course
Monday 09.09.2019
Today I showed Prof. Veronica my bag sketches that I have developed from last week session. She suggested me some ideas to create more bag shapes and how can I make these shapes and lines into the design and how to add functions to the bags. She also taught me how to do proper sketching. What tools should I use. We talked about how to create a collection for daily use or special items for capsule collection.

Bag Design blog
Pic1 : Me and my design classmates

Bag Design blog
Pic2 : Me sketching the bag details

Bag Design blog
Pic3: Tarn, sketching for her bag project

Bag Design blog
Pic4: Prof. Veronica and Prof. Francesca advising the students

Bag Design blog
Pic5 : Prof. Veronica discussing with Nabila about her fashion design project

Tuesday 10.09.2019
Today we talked about the principle of design. Prof. Veronica gave us some thoughtful advices which are
– Be curious about the world around you
– Have a strong desire to learn new things
– Globalization
– How Italian design going back to the root
– Trending: Customization and how to bring this approach to my design

Bag Design blog
Pic6 : Class atmosphere

Wednesday 11.09.2019
Basic lesson class: Storia dell’arte del Rinascimento
Today Prof. Barbara talked about Renaissance artists and their works that related to Florence. We have learned about Michelangelo Buonarrotti, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Rafaello Sanzio di Urbino, Leonardo Da Vinci. It was an interesting class. I like to know the trivia of the artists and their lives. What inspired and influenced to their works.

Thursday 12.09.2019
I have developed 4 bag designs this week with details on the sketches. Prof. Veronica advised me that I should consider which direction to go toward what I want. At the moment it seems like my designs divided into 2 styles and how to make them look more cohesive as a whole collection. She also suggested some Italian brands that I could take a look as references. We discussed about the design solution and sizing for each bag, how to make them more practical and have variety ways of use.

Bag Design blog
Pic7-8: Prof. Veronica advising the students

Bag Design blog

Friday 13.09.2019
Art visit: Chiesa di Santa Trinita
Today we went to see Santa Trinita Chuch which was rebuilt in Gothic style in the 13-14th century over a Romanesque church. I saw the beautiful façade that was designed by Buontalenti also Fresco paintings and altar piece inside the church. Prof.Barbara told us the history of them. After finishing the tour, me and a couple of friends went to see the store of an Italian luxury footwear brand AQUAZZURA that based in Florence as a research then we had lunch together at Il Mercato Centrale.

Bag Design blog
Pic9 : In front of Santa Trinita church

Bag Design blog
Pic10 : Prof. Barbara talked about the history of the church

Bag Design blog
Pic11 : Frescoes inside the church

Bag Design blog
Pic12 : Me and my classmate Nabila having Pizza at lunch



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