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Natthanan Vatthanasangpan

Country: Thailand
Course: Bag Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: May 3, 2021 - Dec 10, 2021

Based on my journey experiences, bag is like mobile home for me. It always represents people choices and selections which are necessary things in their everyday life. Since I have been worked as designer for many years, this is the perfect time to improve my two-dimensional works to be something practical in concrete ways. Hereby, I choose bag to be as my product which I hope it could be something extraordinary for people everyday life.

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Bag Design One-Year Course (n.13)

In this week, I brought my old shopping bag design to make paper pattern. Professoressa Giuliana taught me how to measure it in Paper Pattern Making class.
Bag Design blog
Bag Design blog
There are two different styles to sew the bottom of shopping bag. Both of them make by sew inside at first and flip inside out later. The professoressa said this could help the sewing line be hidden inside the bag. The first style could provide more space at the bottom of the bag. The bottom of each side will be look like triangle edges.
Bag Design blog
Bag Design blog
Here is the second style. However, at the bottom is different from the first one. There is straight edge and the edges will be fit together at the bottom of the bag.
Bag Design blog
Bag Design blog
Bag Design blogThen we made a mock up by Nylon.
Bag Design blogAfter class on the way back home, I met a little cute one in front of the accademia. He also brought his friend with him wherever he goes.
Bag Design blogFor the art visit of the week, we walked around the city under the theme “The Medici Family in the XVI Century – a walk on the other side of the river Arno”
Bag Design blogWe stopped by at Palazzo Davanzati. Professoressa Barbara told us the story about the old pipe beside the Palazzo. It is the first toilette innovation in Florence city.
Bag Design blogWe also stopped by at Ponte Vecchio. There is the story about this connection on the bridge. It was the escape way from Palazzo Pitti to Palazzo Vecchio before.
Bag Design blogAccording to the theme, the last placed we went to was Chiesa di Santa Felicita. There is a balcony which the Medici family used for pray at this church in the past.



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