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Arisa T.

Nationality: Japan
Course: Art History
Program: Summer Course
Period: May 6, 2024 – May 31, 2024

I am a university student studying art history in Japan. I am a university student studying art history in Japan and decided to study abroad in Florence, one of the centers of the Renaissance period.


Jun. 13, 2024 | Posted in Reports, Art History , | Tags:, Reporter: Arisa T. | Course: Art History

Art History Summer Course (#4) – Arisa T

Finally, this is my last week of study abroad in Italy. I am sorry to leave just when I am finally getting used to it, but I am just glad because there are so many things I want to learn after returning to Japan.

Art History blog In Monday’s class, we went to the Bargello National Museum..
It seems that it was originally used as a camp and palace, and in the center of the courtyard, they used to execute criminals. In Florence, where there are many old buildings, their uses and owners often change, which I think is also interesting. Executions and torture were common in the Middle Ages, but are there ghosts in Italy?.

Art History blog The array of works, many of which have appeared many times in college and high school textbooks, is breathtaking. The image is Michelangelo’s Bacchus, which was mentioned in the Italian class. The contraposto, with its intoxicating sense of gravity, was very beautiful and moving.

Art History blog On Tuesday, we went to the Museo di Palazzo Davanzati. This is another building that has passed through the hands of various people, and is a house museum where visitors can actually experience the architectural structure of the 13th century. Once inside, it is cool and cool because it is shielded by thick walls, and the atrium, with its period furnishings, is an immersive experience. The image shows the tools used by the servants to perform household chores.

火曜日はMuseo di Palazzo Davanzatiに行きました。これも様々な人の手を渡ってきた建築物であり、13世紀の建築構造を実際に体験できる家の博物館です。中に入ると、厚い壁で遮られるためひんやりと涼しく、吹き抜けがあり、当時の調度品が飾られている様子は没入感を感じさせます。画像は使用人が家事をする際の道具です。
Art History blog The image is said to be a ceramic warmer. In the medieval period, women who rarely went outside spent most of their time indoors in the cold, and they used to warm themselves by bringing this warmer close to the fireplace. The design of the shoes was cute and their use was innovative, which I felt would be unthinkable today.

Art History blog On Wednesday, we went to the Medici Chapels. The image is of the Chapel of the Monarchs. This room, made entirely of precious stones, was magnificent. Like a framed painting, the view was not limited to a few places, so everywhere you looked, it was glimmering and breathtakingly beautiful. I feel like I would not be afraid to die if I could enter this place after I die.

Art History blog This is a sculpture in the new sacristy designed by Michelangelo. The left side represents the night and the right side represents the day. The glossy, muscular figures are fascinating.

Art History blog While living surrounded by art, he never forgets about a good meal. The moment when he is eating a pizza while chatting with his friends is very Italian

Art History blog I took a home cooking class on Fridays.On Friday, I took a class on home cooking. In the past, we were taught in an actual Italian home, but this time we will be taught in the kitchen of a ristorante. It may be difficult to prepare the cooking utensils and ingredients in Japan, but with a little adaptation, it seems possible to make it at home

This is the finished arancini. It was very tasty because all of us who took the same class worked together to make it. It was a bit large, so we were full, but we took the rest home to eat.

Art History blog
After that, we went to Pitti Palace. I thought about going to the Boboli Gardens, but based on what my teacher and interpreter told me, I bought a ticket for 16€. As I was told, it was very large and the exhibits were very diverse, ranging from medieval paintings to furnishings made of precious stones, clothes, modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, and more. The level of exhaustion was so great that we realized it would be difficult to make it to the Boboli Gardens in one day. The exhaustion was not only due to the sheer size of the place, but also to the mentality of being overwhelmed by the fascination that each of the exhibits had to offer. Everything really is beautiful, has a history, and has a great energy that appeals to me.
The image is “Ritratto del nano Morgante” painted by Bronzino. Morgante was Cosimo I’s favorite dwarf.

This is the end of my study in Italy, but it was a month full of things that cannot be put into images or written about. The memories of the friends and teachers I met there are irreplaceable. I really enjoyed and learned a lot.

画像はブロンズィーノの描いた「Ritratto del nano Morgante」です。モルガンテとはコジモ一世が気に入っていたドワーフです。

Art History blog



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