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Daniella R

Nationality: USA
Course: Architectural Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: May 2, 2023 –Dec. 7, 2023

My name is Daniella Ruiz. I am a recent interior design graduate from Paier College. During my undergrad, I’ve placed in various design competitions, attended design workshops and conferences, and interned at an interior design firm. Studying architecture at Italy's Accademia Riaci will allow me to explore the Italian perspective of all thing’s art and design, build a network of people in my desired field, and opens doors to a wide range of personal and professional opportunities.

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Architectural Design One-Year Course (n3) – Daniella-R

Week 3 Summary – This week we had our architecture and logo design classes, our second art visit and went to an art museum over the weekend!
Architectural Design blogSunday, May 14 | After our weekend trip to Rome, we got ready for the upcoming week! For dinner, we had quesadillas! Mine was filled with chicken, cheese, and avocados!
Architectural Design blogMonday, May 15 | Today we had our architecture design class! After class, we had chicken penne pasta!
Architectural Design blogTuesday, May 16 | During this week’s logo design class, we started turning our sketches to actual logos using illustrator! After class, I continued working on my design!
Architectural Design blogTuesday, May 16 | For dessert tonight, we decided to have an Oreo treat! Edwin crushed up Oreos, mixed them with cream cheese, and let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes! They were so good!
Architectural Design blogWednesday, May 17 | In class today, we discussed different stones and how each can be used! We learned about their structure, properties, characteristics, and how much they cost!
Architectural Design blogWednesday, May 17 | We decided to try a new spot for this week’s gelato run!
Architectural Design blogThursday, May 18 | In class today, we continued working on the exterior of our villas! I made my villa a little bigger and taller! I continued improving my design when I got back to my apartment!
Architectural Design blog
Architectural Design blogFriday, May 19 | Today I took some time for myself! I relaxed, doodled, and enjoyed the day off!
Architectural Design blogSaturday, May 20 | Today we went to the Bargello Museum! Inside were sculptures of all sizes! My favorite part was the courtyard!



Jewelry Making One-Year Course (n2) riho-a

アカデミア美術館に行きました。実際にまじかで彫刻を見て、作った人の観察力のすごさに驚かされました。 …
Language:   Reporter: Riho A
Course: Jewelry Making

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Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (n4) – hn

Pic1 朝晩は涼しく秋の気候になってきました。レッスンでは夏の食材を使って来ましたが、今回は冬野菜を…
Language:   Reporter: H N
Course: Summer Intensive Course

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Bag Making Summer Course (n1) – yuko-u

最初の授業で作成したポーチです。フィレンツェのマークが難しったです。 革用ミシンは…
Language:   Reporter: Yuko U
Course: Bag Making & Leather Arts

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