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Daniella Ruiz

Country: USA
Course: Architectural Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: May 2, 2023 – Dec 7, 2023

My name is Daniella Ruiz. I am a recent interior design graduate from Paier College. During my undergrad, I’ve placed in various design competitions, attended design workshops and conferences, and interned at an interior design firm. Studying architecture at Italy's Accademia Riaci will allow me to explore the Italian perspective of all thing’s art and design, build a network of people in my desired field, and opens doors to a wide range of personal and professional opportunities.

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Architectural Design One-Year Course (#16) – Daniella Ruiz

Week 4 Summary – An eventful week full of travel!
Architectural Design blogPic1.
Monday, September 25 | After class, we went to Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella!
Architectural Design blogPic2.
Tuesday, September 26 | I decided to go to La Cascine Market. I bought two wallets!
Architectural Design blogPic3.
Wednesday, September 27 | For sunset, I went to Angel Roof Bar with a friend from school!
Architectural Design blogPic4.
Thursday, September 28 | At six in the morning, my roommate and I took the train to Pisa to catch a flight to Amsterdam. This was the first time I’ve seen Santa Maria Novella Station empty!
Architectural Design blogPic5.
Thursday, September 28 | After our flight, checking into our hostel, and getting a bite to eat, we went on a free canal cruise.
Architectural Design blogPic6.
Friday, September 29 | We booked a tour of the Anne Frank House. The audio tour was very impactful – taking us back to their experience in hiding.
Architectural Design blogPic7.
Friday, September 29 | Later that day, we went to the Rijksmuseum! It was full of great art!
Architectural Design blogPic8.
Saturday, September 30 | Thanks to the I am Amsterdam City Card, I got to rent a bike for free for 24 hours! This was such an easy way to see Amsterdam like a local!
Architectural Design blogPic9.
Saturday, September 30 | At night, I went to see a Ballet show at Nationale Opera & Ballet! The show was great!
Architectural Design blogPic10.
Sunday, October 1 | Another thanks to the I am Amsterdam City Card – I got to go zip lining in the forest for free for almost 3 hours! This was so much fun! I love a good challenge!


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