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Daniella R

Nationality: USA
Course: Architectural Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: May 2, 2023 –Dec. 7, 2023

My name is Daniella Ruiz. I am a recent interior design graduate from Paier College. During my undergrad, I’ve placed in various design competitions, attended design workshops and conferences, and interned at an interior design firm. Studying architecture at Italy's Accademia Riaci will allow me to explore the Italian perspective of all thing’s art and design, build a network of people in my desired field, and opens doors to a wide range of personal and professional opportunities.

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Architectural Design One-Year Course (n11) – Daniella-R

Week 11 Summary – This week I had class as usual, and I took day trips to Montecatini and Lucca on the weekends!
Architectural Design blogPic1.
Sunday, July 9 | We spent the day at Montecatini! As soon as we got off the train, we walked to the Montecatini Funicular to reach the village of Montecatini Alto.
Architectural Design blogPic2.
Sunday, July 9 | After a 10-minute ride, we finally arrived at Montecatini Alto! The view was amazing!
Architectural Design blogPic3.
Sunday, July 9 | We also visited Terme Tettuccio! This space was so relaxing!
Architectural Design blogPic4.
Monday, July 10 | After class, we went grocery shopping! Then Edwin made dinner and we planned a trip for August!
Architectural Design blogPic5.
Tuesday, July 11 | Today we had our portfolio class! This was our dinner tonight!
Architectural Design blogPic6.
Wednesday, July 12 | During class, our professor gave an architectural presentation. He showed us works by Renzo Piano, Antoni Gaudi, Frank Gehry, and more.
Architectural Design blogPic7.
Friday, July 14 | For the art visit this week, our theme was the Cathedral Square and Palazzo Vecchio!
Architectural Design blogPic8.
Friday, July 14 | After the art visit, a few girls from school and I met up to eat and hang out!
Architectural Design blogPic9.
Saturday, July 15 | Today I took a day trip to Lucca! I climbed the Guinigi Tower for another great view! This climb was easier than Pisa and Giotto’s Tower! I spent the rest of the day exploring Lucca!
Architectural Design blogPic10.
Saturday, July 15 | Once I got back, Emma and I watched the sunset at Piazzale Michealangelo! Edwin met up with us and we watched people play volleyball and basketball!



Bag Making Summer Course (n2) Y.M

Language:   Reporter: Y.M.
Course: Bag Making & Leather Arts

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Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (n1) – emi-y

マンマの家庭料理教室の様子。ザ・イタリアンマンマの先生! レッスン前には必ず「カフェはいかが?」と声…
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Course: Summer Intensive Course

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Painting amd Drawing Summer Course (n13) CK

Pic 1 友人とアペリティーボをしました。おしゃれなお店が多くているだけで楽しいです。 …
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Course: Painting and Drawing

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