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Mar. 24, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Jewelry Making | Tags: ,
Staff Blog≫ Jewelry Making 3-Art Short:Spring 2015

Yihan ZHANG_20150320_1
This week i started with silver working. The first thing i need to learn is making 925 silver.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_2
When prepared the 925 silver,i need to use acid for removing the rust part.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_3
I was cuting the main part of the Pierced earring with the saw. It is a important step which needs more patient.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_4
I cut these 4 pieces in 2 and helf hours, but i knew that i need more practice on control my saw for more meticulous curves.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_5
For part times in this week,i made a pair of new earrings with all the skills i learnt from the class. But it does not finish yet.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_6
I also went to Siena for a short time travel. I was lost in the fantastic architectures. i am really enjoy the life in Toscana.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_7
Art is everywhere.


Yihan ZHANG_20150320_8


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