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Yi-Chen Chou

Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Master 1year Course
Period: 2014/9/8-2015/4/24

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Shoe Making Course

With medical background specializing in biomechanics of lower extremity, Yi-Chen Chou is interested in producing bespoke shoes for both general population and people with special needs. By taking the entry level of shoe making course last year at Florence, she has now equipped with the fundamental skills of shoemaking, and would like to learn more advanced shoemaking techniques as well as to integrate the gained knowledge onto prospective orthopedic shoes using customized lasts through her second year.

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Reporter: Yi-Chen Chou | Course: Shoe Making Course

Spring 2015:Shoe Making Course 5

Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_1
1) Every time when I see this scene, I always wish I could’ve paddled the canoe with him. It must be an unforgettable experience to row on the Arno river.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_2
2) This week, several students have finished their shoes. This is Earlene who was stitching her brand logo on both insoles.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_3
3) Amy has also completed her ankle boots with Norwegian construction. She loves the studs on the heels in particular.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_4
4) Josh has also done the very first pair of shoes for himself, and the most great thing is that it fits well!


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_5
5) Luca was stacking the heels, and is almost there too.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_6
6) I was also stacking the heels just like Luca, but I need to sand them further down manually as my heels are high with a special shape.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_7
7) Amy was also working on her another pink/silver shoes. I bet it will be a super eye-catching shoes when she walks on the street with them.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_8
8) Hyunjin was not that lucky this week as she broke her threads twice, and the shoemaking master was teaching her how to do the repair.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_9
9) Josh’s next one is on. He is preparing the midsoles for a combined bottom construction with Goodyear and Blake concurrently.


Yi-Chen Chou_20150213_10
10) This Saturday was Valentine’s Day. As being the most romantic race on earth, giving roses for their beloved ones is completely a must-do among Italian couples.


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