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Jul. 24, 2014 | Posted in Reports, Living in Florence | Tags:

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Europe is the continent were organic agriculture has flourished the most, and within it, Italy is certainly the leading country.
In fact, Italy has the highest number of organic farmers in EU area, and it’s ranked as the second country in terms of total area under organic cultivation.

The growing popularity of the so called “Slow Food” movement, which was generated in Italy, triggered the public interest in organic ingredients and, consequently, this country has witnessed the rapid flourishing of organic culture.

Also in Florence, there are some organic food markets.
In “Santo Spirito” plaza it is held the 3rd Sunday of every month, and in ” SS. Annunziata” plaza it takes place in September and December.
In this occasions, all organic farmers from Tuscany gather together and sell directly their own products. Besides seasonal vegetable and fruit, it is possible to find also other types of organic products, such as soaps, etc. It seems there is also an antiques market right next to it.

Since in September Accademia Riaci academic courses start, this could be the right chance for all students – both of cooking classes and art-related courses – to visit this interesting market.



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