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Lara Blevi

Nationality: South-African
Course: Shoe Making
Program: One-Year Atelier Course
Period: Sept 5, 2016-April 25, 2017

After Studying a BA degree in Fashion Design in South Africa, Lara decided that she would love to study further and focus on a specific direction in the fashion industry. During her studies, she followed an internship at a company where she was taught how to make and design handbags out of leather and exotic leather skins.

She knew instantly that she would love to study further and learn more about shoes and decided to come to Firenze, Italy, the most famous city to learn more of leather art and shoes! She found Accademia Riaci and knew that the shoe making course that they had to offer was exactly was she was looking for.

Here she wishes to learn the highest level of shoe making techniques and to be able to follow her dream to become a designer with the knowledge of not only fashion, but also the art of shoe and handbag design.




Nov. 21, 2016 | Posted in Top Stories, Shoe Making & Shoe Design , | Tags:, | Language:
Reporter: Lara Blevi | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Shoe Making 8-One Year Course 2016

This week was filled with lots of excitement as all of our personal lasts finally arrived. We finished up the last bits of our practice shoe and then started designing our own pairs. I decided to make a pair of decorated woman’s oxford shoes with a decorated welt as well. The welt ads and extra touch to the sole of the shoe instead of only having a glued sole.

On Tuesday I also visited the Cascine park market where you can literally find anything from food to clothes to kitchenware and even pets! I almost died when I saw the tiniest and most adorable little turtles.

After this week we have a little autumn break where will be going to Marbella, Spain with my boyfriend. I cannot wait for my holiday and some sunny warm weather!

Lara BLEVI_20161221_01
Masa, one of the assistants in the class, is demonstrating how to make your own insole if you do not want to buy one.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_02
On this pictures you can see the vegetable glue that is used to glue together the lining and the upper part of the shoe after the toe’s reinforcement is added.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_03
My shoe before adding the heel and the outer sole.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_04
I was so excited when my shoe lasts finally arrived. I ordered three pairs which included a pair for high heels (décolleté shoes), a pair to make boots and then also a pair to make oxford shoes. The first one I will use is my last for the oxford shoe as this is the first pair of shoes that I will be making.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_05
Here you can see the process where the heel is glued to the sole of the shoe.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_06
My shoe finally finished!! I was quite impressed with how it turned out.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_07
I also added an extra decoration to the shoe, which is removable. I love having different options when it comes to wearing shoes and clothes.

Lara BLEVI_20161221_08
These miniature turtles where for sale at the market. I have literally never seen something so adorable, but also found it really odd that they were sold at a market!

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