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Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Master Course
Period: Sept. 5,2016-Apr. 28,2017

Shiau-Ting, Li. Shoes designer from Taiwan.
After working in Taiwanese footwear industry for three and a half years, she came to Firenze to study shoes making course, the city which is famous for leather art and shoes.
Although she already has basic aesthetics and sketching technique background from university (B.A.), yet she hopes to extend her shoe-making skills here in Riaci. She believes designer can deliver their thoughts through their works, hoping to keep motivate people with her designs.



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Reporter: Li SHIAU-TING | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Shoe Making 25-Master Course 2016 (Student1)


In this week, I eventually enter the main point of Norwegian construction- Norwegian hand stitching. Norwegian construction is a stitching upper and insole without welts. The typically Norwegian has decoration thread twist around the main thread, so, compare to Goodyear construction, it looks more elegant. I chose to stitching my boots whole around with thread, I hope my shoes look more solid.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_01

The red and green stuff was made for helping me organize the decoration thread. At first I was wondering what it was for. Angelo picked it up and pretend he tried to bite it. It was chocolate, Angelo said it with joke.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_02
Angelo正在幫我處理最後的縫線。在起針跟結尾的地方比較特別,因此Angelo一再叮嚀這兩個重要步驟要呼叫他。我用我不是很流利的義大利文呼喊:我完成了! 再加上幾個比手畫腳。這是我們平常的溝通方式,很高興我們漸漸形成某種默契,讓我了解他嚴厲下的體貼。

Angelo was helping me to finish the Norwegian stitch. The beginning and the end was a little bit tricky, he said. He kept attend to my work and asked me to call him if I need help. I finished! I said it with my poor Italian. Though I couldn’t fully understand what he talked but, it seemed to be, sometimes I can feel his thoughtful.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_03

For each amount of distance, I took out one nail and find the right hole for hand stitching. A step tested artisan’s patient as well as experience.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_04

My next shoes will be “one piece derby”. Now, I was taping the edge with reinforcement.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_05

It’s not easy to stitch the quarter part that it should be stitched inside and then fold over. This technique is similar to “Olatula”, it couldn’t use glue to help you stitch, which means, would failed easily. I am quite satisfied with outcome, I made it successfully.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_06

The image when I finished first Norwegian hand stitching. Later, the lining needed to be separated with the upper and cut it off.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_07

It’s bubble tea time. There opened a new bubble tea shop near central market. Me and Andrea having a very cheerful time together.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_08

Working hard at my home!

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_09

On Friday night, we held a party at Eric’s accommodation, with endless pasta and cheese cakes. What a pleasant night!

Li SHIAU-TING_20170407_10

The weather in Italy is getting hot these days. I found a good place which was good for picnic.

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Shoe Making 25-Master Course 2016 (Student1)

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