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Christine Lesperance
Christine Lesperance

Nationality: American
Course: shoe design and making
Program: One year
Period : Apr.25,2016-July 29,2016

After briefly studying Fashion Design at the Arts Institute in Miami, Christine came to Florence to study shoe design/making which was her real passion. At Accademia Riaci, she began her Shoe Design course with Professor Andrea Roth, a one-time designer for the Ferragamo shoe brand. In the design course, Christine was taught all of the design elements for creating beautiful footwear. She also learned how to balance creativity with technical skills. Upon completion of the design course, she was excited to move on to Shoe Making which is taught by Mr. Angelo.

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Reporter: Christine Lesperance | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Shoe Making 16-Atelier One-Year Course 2016

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_01
In shoemaking class we are learning about soles: outer soles, inner soles, and mid soles. Above is a photo of a midsole which is supposed to lie between the inner and outer soles. They are used for shock absorption.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_02
Student getting instructions on a trial shoe. The trial shoe is a “test” before making the real shoe.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_04
A view from the tower at Palazzo Vecchio (Piazza Signoria.) Palazzo Vecchio is Florence’s City Hall since medieval times.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_05
Sunset in the Chianti region. Above is a photo of a winery facility in Chianti.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_06
Visiting wineries in Chianti is a must. Above are stored bottles of very old Chianti wine.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_07
The rolling hills of the Chianti region are beautiful. It’s just a little over one hour away by bus.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_08
There are several pretty parks in Florence. This one is located at the Rose Garden.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_09
Professor Angelo showing students how to work on the heel part of a woman’s high heel shoe.

Chrisitine LESPERANCE_20160506_10

Professor Angelo showing a student how to place a toe- guard in the front of the shoe she is making.

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