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Eri Hosokawa
Eri Hosokawa

Nationality: Japan
Course: Painting Restoration
Program: Internship Course
Period : Jun.12,2017-Jun.8,2018

より実践的な経験を積むために、修復の都フィレンツェで学ぶことにしました。多くの事例に触れ技術の向上を目指し、最新の処置法や素材などもしっか り勉強していきたいと思います。こちらでの生活の様子やイベント、週末に訪れる教会や美術館などもお伝えしていきたいと思います。宜しくお願いします。

In order to add more practical experience in my career, I decided to study in Florence, the home of restoration work. I wish to improve my painting restoration techniques through experiencing various types of restoration works as well as learning the latest restoration techniques. I am looking forward to letting you know about my daily life in Florence and my weekend visits to churches, museums and so on.

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Reporter: Eri Hosokawa | Course: Restoration of Paintings

Painting Restoration 53-Internship Course 2015-2017


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