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Eri Hosokawa
Eri Hosokawa

Nationality: Japan
Course: Painting Restoration
Program: Internship Course
Period : Jun.12,2017-Jun.8,2018

より実践的な経験を積むために、修復の都フィレンツェで学ぶことにしました。多くの事例に触れ技術の向上を目指し、最新の処置法や素材などもしっか り勉強していきたいと思います。こちらでの生活の様子やイベント、週末に訪れる教会や美術館などもお伝えしていきたいと思います。宜しくお願いします。

In order to add more practical experience in my career, I decided to study in Florence, the home of restoration work. I wish to improve my painting restoration techniques through experiencing various types of restoration works as well as learning the latest restoration techniques. I am looking forward to letting you know about my daily life in Florence and my weekend visits to churches, museums and so on.

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Reporter: Eri Hosokawa | Course: Restoration of Paintings

Painting Restoration 49-Internship Course 2015-2017


Since there was a break according to the work schedule, I went to Palma.

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_01

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_02


First of all, I visited the former San Paolo Abbey. There is a fresco painted by the painter Correggio, who flourished mainly in Parma, for the president room of the women’s abbey of the time from 1518 to 19, and it is regarded as one of masterpieces in the Renaissance period.

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_03

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_04


In the huge Pilotta palace close to San Paolo Abbey, there are archeological museums, museums, libraries, etc., and you can also visit wooden Farnese Theater. It was constructed early in the 17th century, during the Parma period, but it was almost completely destroyed during the world war, so now it is reconstructed according to the original design drawing. A staff member opens the door for visitors to enter and a big theater suddenly appears in front of you which make you feel as if you step into another world.

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_05

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_06

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_07

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_08


As you pass through the theater, you arrive to the National Art Gallery. You can see a wide range of works from Romanesque sculpture to Renaissance and the 20th century, and small masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci can also be enjoyed. In the section of the 18th century academy contest winning works, the works from 1st place to 3rd of the same theme for every year are displayed and it was very interesting.

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_09

Eri Hosokawa_20170310_10


Lastly I visited the Duomo of Parma. The exterior is rustic Romanesque style, but the interior is filled with fresco paintings of the colorful Renaissance era and I am surprised by the difference in style.

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