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Nationality: American
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Jan. 14, 2019 - Jul. 26, 2019

Art has always been an immense passion and influence in my life. From a young age, drawing, coloring, and painting would help me express myself and feel free. I grew up pursuing an education like my peers --graduating high school in the U.S. and moving on to college. I knew all along that there was something bigger waiting for me.
I never dreamt I could pursue my passion professionally, but after being given this opportunity at Accademia Riaci in beautiful Italy, it seems more than possible. With the help of a few well-known professionals in Florence, I can continue to learn and blossom as an artist.

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Reporter: Kristin FIORVANTI | Course: Painting and Drawing

Painting Drawing vol.9 (One-year 2019 – Kristin)

Our Art Stage this month was to a beautiful town in the hills outside of Florence, Fiesole. Prof. Lorenzo walked with us around the town and we got coffee and spent time in the garden sketching.
This is an example of his work:
I was inspired by his ability to achieve such contrast with only a pen. I hope one day I can work as quickly and diligently as him, even outside on a chilly day.

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Interior Design blog

I decided to give this a try with a landscape view from the cafe window. Meanwhile, my classmates held a portrait-drawing competition amongst each other. It was entertaining to watch, but I had clearly had enough of portrait drawing in my other classes.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

It was a peaceful trip. I enjoy being around other creative minds who encourage and inspire me; I’m not used to this kind of company in the United States. It was a humble reminder of the diverse attitude about art here in Italy.

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