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Ashley Li Ye

Nationality: Singaporean
Course: Jewelry Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 3, 2018 - Apr. 26, 2019

After graduating with a Diploma in business, Ashley decided to do something she likes and turns it into her career.
She has some experience in metalsmithing and precious metal Silver clay. After winning the competition hosted by Accademia Raici, she started her path in this therapeutic city, Florence.

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Reporter: Ashley Li Ye | Course: Jewelry

Jewelry Design vol.23 – One Year 2018 (a.l.y)

Jewelry Design blog
Staring new week with introducing a famous jewellery designer and creative director in Christian Dior.

Jewelry Design blog
Her name is Victoire de Castellane. We watched a short movie to know her better. She is a french jewellery designer who lives and works in Paris.

Jewelry Design blog
In the video, we learnt that what makes her today and her style of design. Her office is exceptionally vivid and surrounded by countless of anime characters. She even has a box of ropes with super bright colours just right beside her desk.

Jewelry Design blog
Vivid colours and anime characters are what inspires her the most. The designs by her are relatively large for high jewellery, but this not affects its beauty.

Jewelry Design blog
What also inspires her is that when she is a child, Victoire will often play with her grandmother’s jewellery. Rings look huge on a child’s hand, deeply printed in her mind which probably determine her designer style.

Jewelry Design blog
Practising design is done, this is inspired by Venice.It is necessary to reference and learn from other designers, appreciate their designs so that you will not be limited. Most important is to develop your own style of designing.

Jewelry Design blog
Pikachu on a swing, inspired by a friend who loves pokemon madly.

Jewelry Design blog
Inspiration from fish and currents, with the same design, we can play with different setting of stones, combinations of rose gold and white gold, and so on.

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At Accademia Riaci, we are recruiting Course Reporters from our students. The students who are chosen to become Course Reporters are given 10 % of the tuition as their scholarship fee.
The Reporters who have submitted excellent reports will have his or her profile posted on our school website for the next 5 years as an alumnae and will be able to connect with their business chancesafter their graduation.

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