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Emi Ota
Emi Ota

Nationality: Japan
Course: Internship
Program: Internship
Period: Sept 1,2016- Sept 30,2017


I am an intern photographer and assistant at Accademia Riaci.
I quit my job as a photographer in Japan and came here with my husband who wanted to work at a restaurant in Italy. I took a Gelato Internship Course at Accademia Riaci meanwhile.
After my new challenge, however, I began to think that there was more possibility in the photography field in Italy so I decided to go back to my area of expertise and restart.
I love coffee, so I enjoy visiting coffee bars in and around town.
I hope I can let you know useful and helpful Italian daily-life and school information in my reports.

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Reporter: Emi Ota | Course: Internship

Internship 12-Internship Course 2016


・調理実習 (手打ちパスタ2種)


– 講義(トスカーナワイン、オリーブオイル、バルサミコ)、テイスティングを含む
– ピザレッスン実演(ピザ生地の製作・熟成・成形、様々なピザについての座学、実演)
– ピザ試食、バルサミコがけジェラート試食




There was a 3-day group lesson for Nagoya Future Culture College (NFCC) students in the 2nd week of February, held in FCAS kitchen.

Day 1
– Cooking Practice (2 kinds of fresh pasta)
– Tasting

Day 2
– Cooking Practice (Full course: appetizer, first, second, dessert)
– Tasting

Day 3
– Lecture (Tuscan wines, olive oil, balsamic vinegar) including tasting
– Pizza Lesson (Pizza dough making, fermentation, dough shaping, pizza varieties, demonstrations)
– Tasting (Pizza and gelato with balsamic vinegar)

All students seemed very concentrated and excited.

<NFCC instructor’s comment>
Lessons were very valuable for us as we could use Italian ingredients we had never used before.
Knowing the flavor of true Italian pizza was such a priceless experience.
Prof. Angelo was a very kind man. I was impressed by how excellent he was at allocating roles to student groups beyond the language barrier. Students were able to keep their motivations up high with his great instructions.

We hope these lessons at FCAS will remain in everyone’s mind as a one-of-a-kind experience!

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