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Nationality: Japanese
Course: Interior Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 3, 2018 - Apr. 26, 2019

I have studied Interior Design and basic fine arts at the University of Central Missouri, the United States. After getting BA degree, I have come to Italy to deepen knowledge and skills and learn new style at the field of Interior Design. Otherwise, I love meeting new people and culture, especially Italy does makes everything classy (beautiful). I like being in Firenze so far.

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Reporter: Rie SHIRAYANAGI | Course: Interior Design

Interior Design vol.4 – One Year 2018 (r.s)

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Image #1-4: We had the lecture about lighting system on this Monday. We have learned kinds of lamps, and symbols for the construction documents.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Image #5&6: Also, we had the lecture about glasses. There are several kinds of glasses for public use and domestic use, such as bulletproof, tempered, and insulated glasses.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Image # 7&8: Those are called laminated plastic or laminate. It is basically cheaper than real wooden or stone materials but easy to instarate and to change the design for furniture. The laminates in the image 7 are wooden design, and the laminates in the image 8 are metal and plastic designs.

Interior Design blog

Image #9: This laminate is layered, and has a thickness of 3-4 mm. Obviously it has more stability on it.

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Interior Design blog

Image #10-16: We have visited in the Palazzo Davanzati for the Art Visit class on this Friday. Image#11 through #13 were taken at the living room. A fun fact about Image #12, there are 4 square holes on the floor, because the building was a palace and sometimes enemies tried to get into the palace. So avoiding them inside, the holes were used to drop hot water or heavy stones on them. Each floor had a bedroom like the image #14 for guests or owner. The bedroom has a bathroom like the image #15. It looks simple but I could see a similarity with nowadays shower tub. Also, each floor had an art studio next to dining rooms (Image #16).

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