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Yi-Chen Chou

Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Master 1year Course
Period: Sept.8,2014-Apr. 24,2015

With medical background specializing in biomechanics of lower extremity, Yi-Chen Chou is interested in producing bespoke shoes for both general population and people with special needs. By taking the entry level of shoe making course last year at Florence, she has now equipped with the fundamental skills of shoemaking, and would like to learn more advanced shoemaking techniques as well as to integrate the gained knowledge onto prospective orthopedic shoes using customized lasts through her second year.

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Reporter: Yi-Chen Chou | Course: Shoe Making/Design

Fall 2014:Shoe Making Course 13

Shoe Making Course_20141205_1
1) Christmas has come to the town. These Christmas lights are way more beautiful if you come to see physically.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_2
2) Hyunijn’s Mom and sister have also come to the town, and prepared us some yummy Kimbob for our time at school.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_3
3) This week, I’ve almost done my shoes.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_4
4) But the heel stacking part did not go very well, oops!


Shoe Making Course_20141205_5
5) Earlene was working on the upper stitching for her Moccasin shoes.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_6
6) Natsumi was also lasting her Moccasin shoes this week.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_7
7) Josh was learning how to prepare the threads in order to do the Goodyear bottom construction.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_8
8) Bernardo has done the lasting on his Derby shoes, and about to hand stitch the bottoms. Good Luck!


Shoe Making Course_20141205_9
9) Yuichi was polishing his uppers with cream and cloth, which generally takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.


Shoe Making Course_20141205_10
10) I am moving forward to design my next shoes: an ankle boots with zipper in the back.


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