Accademia Riaci - Since 1983 in Florence, Italy

Welcome to Accademia Riaci, a renowned institution nestled in the heart of historic Florence, Italy. Our academy stands as a beacon of creativity, where the arts, crafts, and design converge in a setting steeped in centuries of artistic tradition.

The school is ideally situated in the picturesque downtown of Florence, a city known for its rich artistic heritage. The surrounding streets are living galleries, with each step echoing the footsteps of legendary artists who have graced this city.

Heritage and Innovation
Our academy combines the time-honored techniques of Italian artistry with a forward-thinking approach. We understand the importance of preserving tradition while fostering the evolution of art and design. This fusion of heritage and innovation defines our commitment to excellence.

Arts, Crafts, and Design
Accademia Riaci is dedicated to nurturing and inspiring the next generation of artistic talents. We offer a diverse range of programs, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design concepts. Whether you aspire to master the delicate strokes of a brush, shape materials into exquisite crafts, or conceptualize innovative design projects, we provide the expertise and environment to kindle your creative potential.

Admissions: Open from grade 9 (14 yrs old) to senior levels
Studying at Accademia Riaci means immersing yourself in the cultural dynamism of Florence. The city itself becomes your studio, and its world-renowned museums, historical architecture, and vibrant artisan workshops serve as your wellspring of inspiration. With each cobblestone, fresco, and market square, our students discover a fount of creativity.
Whether you're an aspiring artist, a visionary craftsperson, or a boundary-pushing designer, Accademia Riaci invites you to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and self-discovery. Let the enchantment of Florence become your canvas, and watch your creativity flourish within our supportive and inspiring community.
Accademia Riaci offers a diverse range of programs tailored to students spanning from grade 9 to senior levels. Whether you're commencing your educational journey or pursuing advanced artistic training, our institution is committed to meeting your specific needs and aspirations.

At Accademia Riaci, we bring your artistic dreams to life. Come, become a part of our legacy of creativity in the heart of Florence, Italy.

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