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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making

May. 19, 2014 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Morita | Course: Shoemaking



Today, I explain how to attach the sole and the heel of the Chanel-type shoe. In order to apply easily the sole leather, it is important to smooth down the toe box, as well as internal/external leather, and to select carefully a type of heel that can match the wooden shoetree.


pumps 13th November 2013 pumps 13th November 2013 pumps 13th November 2013

・So, first of all let’s choose a heel that can match the shoetree.
・It’s common to use heels made by plastic, but sometimes they can be also wooden made.


pumps 13th November 2013

・Once selected the appropriate heel, we thinly skive the leather of the lasting, in order to be able to attach it to the sole.
・Around and behind the plantar we use 6mm nails, while for the part around the heel we use 8mm nails. It’s important to be careful not to scrape
 too much the toe part, since no nails are used and so it could easily come off.
・After smoothing down the sole surface, we reproduce the sole size on a piece of paper, and based on that we cut out the leather.


pumps 13th November 2013

・After cutting the leather, we clean the sole, put 2 coats of rubber cement and then we wait for about 20 minutes until it gets dried.
・While waiting, we fold the leather around the heel.
・We cut the leather according to the heel design and then skive slightly the peripheral part.
・The sole has to be attached correctly and then hammered to assure the adhesion.


pumps 13th November 2013

・Once the sole is firmly attached, we carefully cut the leather in excess, and adjust the size.
・Next, we remove the shoetree.
・Then, we hammer a nail into the inner part of the shoe, to fix firmly the heel.


pumps 13th November 2013

・We insert the insole and polish the whole shoe. Now it’s completed!





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