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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making

Jun. 30, 2014 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Morita | Course: Shoemaking

Attaching techniques for pumps and design (provisional shoes)

パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴

パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴

・First, we attach the design tape on the external side of the shoetree
・We draw a line in the center of the shoetree and we cut all the parts besides the external side (the tape is applied to half of the shoetree)
・We connect with a straight line the external side with the most protruding part of the internal side
・We measure the height of the heel (C) with the center (B) of the line we drawn (A)

・We connect point B with C with a line and decide the height of the wearing opening.

・木型の中央にラインを引き外側以外の部分をカットします。 (デザインテープは外側半分に貼り付けます)

パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴

・Each students draws a design line right in front of the wearing opening, according to his/her own personal taste
・We remove the tape from the shoetree and apply it on the cardboard
・We add a margin of 15mm from the last and 20mm from the heel.


パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴

・Based on the paper pattern, we cut the felt
・We wrap the opening part of about 4mm back
・The heel part is then sewn and assembled with the sewing machine


パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴 パンプス接着方法 デザイン~仮靴

・We perform the lasting
・Firstly the instructor creates the model and then the student works on his own.
・The lasting starts from the toe part, to the external and internal part until the heel. It is important to check constantly that the procedure is following the original design.




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