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Natsuko Yamauchi
Natsuko Yamauchi

Nationality: Japan
Course: Art History
Program: Summer Course
Period : Jun.6,2016-Jul 2,2016

I have a strong interest in the art history of Italian Renaissance. I came to Florence to appreciate historical artworks in person to learn more about the Italian Renaissance.
I will focus mostly on the paintings and drawings displayed in churches and museums, and report their meanings and interesting points.

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Reporter: Natsuko Yamauchi | Course: Summer Intensive Course

Art History 1-Summer Course 2016

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_01

This is my flat. It looks very cute with its interior color scheme based on green.
Although it’s a twin room, I have no roommate as of today. There are 2 Italian girls staying in this flat, both in their 20s.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_02

I bought this drawing in front of the Uffizi Gallery Museum. It is somewhat charming for a drawing of skulls, unlike the ones I’m familiar with seeing in my home country, Japan.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_03

Santa Maria Novella Church
Beautiful rib vault ceiling makes the crucifixion of Jesus by Giotto truly eye-catching.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_04

Masaccio《Trinita》 (around 1426 – 28)
This is the centerpiece of Santa Maria Novella Church. It’s a beautiful drawing with perspective techniques used.
“Trinita” means “Trinity” in English, which the bible explains that there is one and only God existing in three Persons together – the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_05

Masaccio《Trinita》 (a partial view)
I learned in my class that the skeleton underneath was drawn to come at the height of viewers’ eyes. I wanted to check whether it was true.
I confirmed that the skeleton really was drawn at the height of viewers’ eyes, doing good work making viewers think about their own death.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_06

Masaccio《Trinita》 (a partial view)
I found a hole on this drawing. I intend to ask a question in my next class about why this hole was made.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_07

Banki Ramen in Centro, Florence
My flat mate Italian girl took me here. The combination of tsukemen (ramen with dipping soup) and a glass of white wine was so original.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_08

At Banki Ramen
Although I don’t speak much Italian, everyone is very kind to me. We communicate by gestures and translation apps on our smartphones.

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_09
Lucca Chiesa di San Michele in Foro;フィレンツェから電車で1時間半ほどの場所にあるルッカに行きました。サン・ミケーレ教会は「美しい」の一言に尽きます

Church of San Michele in Foro, Lucca
I took an hour and half train ride from Florence to Lucca. San Michele Church is a true beauty!

Natsuko YAMAUCHI_20160610_10

A small church in Lucca
This architectural technique is called capriarta. It has a distinctive roof with pillars assembled in a fish bone shape.

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