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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making

Sep. 26, 2014 | Posted in Blog, Shoemaking , | Tags:, | Language:
Reporter: Morita | Course: Shoemaking

Adhesive method, Norwegian-style stitching, McKay stitching

接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法 6.5.2014

接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法  接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法  接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法

・Norwegian-style shoe has a chain stitches on the side part. (left photo)
・Students insert a metal shank into the back side of the shoe and then glue leather on the top of it. They put cork in the front half of the shoe to adjust its shape. (central photo)
・The same piling-up procedure is performed when producing a rubber heel. (right & 2nd row left photos)

・靴の後ろ側には金属製のシャンクを入れ、その上に革を貼り付けます。半分より前にはコルク を入れて形状を整えます。(中)

接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法  接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法  接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法

・When producing adhesive method pumps, students attach the heel with screws from the inside after removing the shoetree. (central photo)
・Students glue on a thin sponge sheet to cover the screw heads, then glue a leather insole on the top of it to complete their work. (right photo)


接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法  接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法  接着製法・ノルベジェーゼ製法・マッケイ製法

・For adhesive method pumps, students even out the sole surface using a file before gluing on the outsole. Although inserting cork is not common for the adhesive method, big unevenness can be adjusted by gluing on materials such as leather. (left photo)
・Students draw the shape of metal parts when designing shoes with a belt. (central photo)
・Just like Goodyear stitching shoe, a groove needs to be made on the sole surface of a hand-sewn McKay stitching shoe. (right photo)


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