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Art exhibition featuring three graduates of Accademia Riaci


Accademia Riaci’s students display their own works in an exhibition that explores the depths of human identity (24 – 31 October, 2014

Our three student-artists were involved in the challenge to investigate what could be more sensitive and delicate hemisphere of the relations between human beings: the connections between individuals, the concept of identity and its transformation in relation to the idea that we have of ourselves and of others. A reflection on the individual that extends to the mutability of life and its manifestations.

Hugo Cárdenas was born in Colombia in 1989, is a master artist with a degree in Visual Arts at the University Foundation of the city of Medellin. He has held numerous exhibitions in Colombia between Bogota and Medellin, currently lives and works in Florence. He studied Master course in Painting and Drawing at Accademia Riaci. His drawings have a language very graphic and contemporary, as an artist interested in exploring the compositional relations between fullness and emptiness that the support of the two-dimensional surface allows it.

Diego Caicedo was born in Bogotá in 1990 He graduated from the University of the Andes as a Master of Fine Arts. Has participated in solo and group exhibitions and his works have been published in numerous magazines. He currently lives in Italy to perfect his work. Inside his compositions the painting is in constant evolution, is like a river where the colors go to infinity looking for ways to continue to exist. Another constant is the presence of two symbolic elements: the nature and time.

Sandra Andersson, Swedish-born artist, began painting at the age of eight years. Study in Sweden in various prep schools and the Academy of Fine Arts. Currently lives in Florence and she studied Preparation Course for Accademia di Belle Arti at Accademia Riaci. The search for Sandra focuses on contemporary portrait: for her, the portrait is also the essence of a person and, as she says, when he paints the face of a person always tries to understand his emotional state and his inmost reality

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