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Internship Interview – Galleria Mentana di Firenze –


(Riaci) Today we interview Ms. Giovanna Laura Adreani, the owner of this gallery, and Ms. Ayako Kano, our internship student.

(Riaci) First of all, please tell us about your gallery.

(Owner) This gallery mainly handles contemporary arts nowadays.

(Riaci) It is very complicated and difficult task to choose artwork. We are getting a good reputation for our selection. Our aim is to discover and introduce worldwide the artwork of young artists from all over the world.

(Riaci) What is Ms. Kano’s task here?

(Owner) Since she cannot yet contact our artists in Italian, she is doing what she is capable of handling, i.e., performing thorough research of Japanese artists, helping out the opening event of exhibitions, and so on.

(Riaci) What kind of ability does your gallery ask internship students to have?

(Owner) We want them to be able to use a computer in English. They should be full of motivation and be able to find task on their own.

(Riaci) How did you find this gallery?

(Ms. Kano) Accademia Riaci referred me to this gallery.

(Riaci) What did you study at Accademia Riaci?

(Ms. Kano) I studied Painting & Drawing.

(Riaci) What do you do at this gallery?

(Ms. Kano) My task is to discover Japanese artists.

(Owner) I look into the characteristic of the artist she found with her, and decide whether the artist would be suited for our gallery. She is very shy, but she is working very hard. She has an ability in choosing good artists. We are here to support the first work of the internship students.

(Riaci) What do you want to do in the future? Improving your Italian to begin with?

(Ms. Kano) Certainly. I still find it difficult just to respond in Italian. If possible, I would like to work at a gallery like here.

(Everyone) Thank you very much. Bye!


Galleria Mentana di Firenze

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