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Staff Blog≫ Interior Design 3-Atelier One-Year 2015

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_01
On Monday, we continued to work on our project. Last week, I completed my 3D bookshelf shape. In this photo, I exported the sketchup file to JPG file, so I can continue to work on my project using Photoshop to apply the material onto the bookshelf.

這個禮拜我們持續做我們設計的物件.上個禮拜我完成了書櫃的基本架構. 這張照片是已經轉檔成JPG檔,所以接下來我要用Photoshop來將材質放上去

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_02
In this photo, professor was teaching me how to apply material using photoshop


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_03
In this photo, I learned how to apply wood material onto the bookshelf


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_04
On Tuesday, my classmates and I we went to Bologna for the CERSAIE, the exhibition for ceramic floor and wall tiles.

禮拜二, 我和同學們去了波隆納的建材展

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_05
Building at CERSAIE Bologna


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_06
Basilica di San Petronio in Bologna


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_07
Gelato stop


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_08
On Wednesday, we continued to work on the computer for our project.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_09
On Thursday, we continued to work on the computer for our project as well. In this photo, I was trying to explain to the professor some issues I have with photoshop when trying to apply the material on the bookshelf.

禮拜四,我們持續在電腦上作業. 在這張照片裡,我在跟教授解釋我在使用Photoshop上遇到的一些問題

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_10
We took a group photo because one of the girl from India (third one from the left) has completed her short course and Thursday was her last day.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_11
This photo is my first attempt and a rough version of material on the bookshelf. There will be a further modification on the color and material adjustment.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_12
This Friday, the Art visit takes us to the Uffizi. The photo was taken from inside of the Uffizi. Even though there were construction outside, the view was still just breathtaking.

這個禮拜五,學校安排了烏菲茲美術館的參觀;這張照片是從裡面拍出去的.雖然說外面有整修施工的鷹架, 但是還是沒有影響到建築物的美.

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_13
This photo is also taken from inside of the Uffizi. The reflection of the window on the upper left corner gives an interesting character to the photo.

這張照片也是從美術館裡面拍出去的. 左上角的照片上有抓到了窗戶的反射,讓照片增加了一些有趣的特色

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151002_14
This painting is one of my favorite. The birth of the Venus.

這幅畫是我很喜歡的其中一幅; 維納斯的誕生


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