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Staff Blog≫ Interior Design 2-Atelier One-Year 2015

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_01
As I continued to work on my bookshelf and after confirmed with professor for the final design shape from last week, this week I start to build them use Sketchup; so I can see a better view in 3D


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_02
The first bookshelf on the left was the first 3D model I built; however, professor told me it didn’t look like what I originally drew as the thickness of the original horizontal bookshelf was much thicker than the circle shelf, which in my original sketch, they looked like they have the same thickness. So, on the right, is my 2nd 3D model, which has been modified to look more like my original design sketch.

左邊的書櫃是第一個3D模型;但是教授認為平行的書櫃部分太過於厚且跟我當初的設計稿看起來落差很大. 所以右手邊的書櫃是經過修改後的第二個模型. 就跟我當初設計看起來是一樣的

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_03
Now the bookshelf on the right is the 3rd design modification compared with the 2nd design modification on the left. Two changes were made to the 3rd design; first, the gaps between horizontal shelf and the circle shelf were shorten from 10cm to 5cm, and second, the circle shelfs were indented for 5cm, which was no longer align with the horizontal shelf. Those changes were made to try out different looks of the bookshelf.

右手邊的書櫃是第三個設計模型; 跟第二個模型來做比較,第三個設計模型有兩個主要的變化;第一,平行書櫃和圓形書櫃中間的間隔從10公分減少到5公分;第二,圓形書櫃的厚度減少了5公分,就是圓形書櫃的厚度跟平行書櫃比起來較淺; 這些不同的設計是在嘗試不同的樣子跟整體感覺

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_04
This photo has the 4th design modification on the right. The circle was open.

右手邊的書櫃是第四個模型設計; 這個設計的圓圈部分是打開的

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_05
Class photo and professor was describing the electrical system symbols in Italy


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_06

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_07
Photos of the actually wiring for the electrical system


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_08
Introducing type of glasses


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_09
Professor was introducing us an outdoor/commercial building material, “Ductal,” which is a ultra-high performance concrete

教授介紹新的建材”Ductal”, 是一種比較特別的水泥主要用在戶外或商業空間

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_10
Different usages in the outdoor & commercial space using “Ductal”


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_11
Professor was giving me a commerical space to work on designing a coffee bar


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150925_12
A night out for some JAZZ at La Ménagère – Firenze



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