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Staff Blog≫ Interior Design 1-Atelier One-Year 2015

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_01
First week of school, professor asked us to design a bookshelf. This photo was my original design, but professor thought it was too traditional, and wanted me to think outside of the box.

開學的第一個禮拜教授請我們設計一個書櫃. 這張照片是我的原始設計. 不過教授覺得太過於傳統,而希望我可以設計一個書櫃是比較不一樣的

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_02
This is my 2nd time modification of the bookshelf; but then professor thought I traveled too far and explained to me the necessary concept when it comes to a good design, such as symmetric and relevant rations.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_03
This is professor’s sketch on explaining how I can possibly modify my design.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_04
This is my 3rd time modification of the bookshelf with four different designs and based on the feedback from the professor.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_05
Professor thought this one was the best one out of the four designs and asked me to work on this one to complete this project. At the moment, this is just the design of the bookshelf. Next step is to choose the material to build it. The project is to be continued.

教授最後覺得這個書櫃是四個設計裡面他最喜歡的一個. 所以他請我用這個設計來完成最後的成品. 這一個部分只是完成設計,接下來就是材質的選擇.待續…

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_06
Professor gave us some information on the designers and designed furniture. We were looking through them with the English interpreter in the class.

教授給了我們一些設計師和有名的設計傢俱的資料. 課堂上有英文翻譯

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_08
In this class, professor explained us the different materials and the usages. However, there was no interpreter available at that time, so one of our classmates, who could speak some Italian has to be the interpreter in the class.

這張照片裡教授跟我們講解材質和用法. 不過因為沒有翻譯,課裡面剛好有一個同學會講義大利文,所以她當了臨時翻譯

Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_09
Different material samples


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_10

Professor was showing me how to change my bookshelf design with English interpreter.


Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_11. Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_12. Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_13. Yuen-Ping Chen_20150919_14.

My apartment photos



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