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Hello, this is Accademia Riaci, Florence, Italy.

If you want to become a glass art specialist, let our Glass Art course lead you to the right way. As you may already know, workshops and studios of the craftsmen were the major driving power of Florentine production activities since a long ago, and the field of Glass Art has been one of such active fields that people in Florence have always been proud of. Our Glass Art instructor is a renown glass artist with various glass art techniques and passion in her heart. We assure you will learn a lot from this reputable instructor.
We must also stress that we offer you weekly guided Art Visits to see various historical architectures in the city, and in many of them you will admire great arts of stained glasses right in front of you. There is no better place to study Glass Art, don’t you agree?

We are now accepting enrollment for Christmas Course 2015, a very special all-inclusive package Short Course. It begins on December 6th, and various starting dates and durations from 1 to 5 weeks are still available in Glass Art course. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy holy Christmas and New Year season in Italy!
And what’s more, there are still openings for Academic Course from January 2016 and Short Courses that can start every week. If you should have any inquiries or interests in any of these courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We will be grateful to answer your questions and help out making your dream of studying abroad in Italy come true!

To find out more, please contact us. You can reach us also by Skype.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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