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Apr. 20, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Jewelry Making | Tags: ,
Staff Blog≫ Jewelry Making 7-Art Short:Spring 2015

Yihan ZHANG_20150417_1
This week I made a new ring with arc shape on the side view. At first, I finished 2 same small rings for the frame of the arc shape.


Yihan ZHANG_20150417_2
Then I bent this silver panel as the main part of the ring.


Yihan ZHANG_20150417_3
The main part need to be punched with a steel ball, and I tried to keep it as a smooth shape.


Yihan ZHANG_20150417_4
My classmate Hanayi is working on her jewelry now,she is really concentrative.

我的同学Hanayi 正在做她自己的首饰,她非常专心。

Yihan ZHANG_20150417_5
This week I went to the Uffize Museum with my friends,visiting a lot of famous paintings.

这周我和朋友去了UFFIZE美术馆, 参观了很多有名的画作。

Yihan ZHANG_20150417_5_2

Yihan ZHANG_20150417_6
Spent the time on the bridge during sunset is delightful!


Yihan ZHANG_20150417_7
This week I went back to Milan for the famous Salone del mobile exhibition.


Yihan ZHANG_20150417_8
Me and my friends met a lot of famous designers during this week.



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