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Staff Blog≫ Shoemaking: Summer Course 2

サマーコース 2 9.7.2014

Summer Course_20141114_1  Summer Course_20141114_2  Summer Course_20141114_3

・After trimming up the outsole, students color the edge of it so it matches with the rest of the shoe. (Picture left)
・Students at the beginning adhere the shank on the 2mm thick intermediate sole, then adhere a leather onto it to finish up the intermediate sole. (Picture center)
・Inside and outside leathers are adhered together using a weak glue prior to using a sewing machine. (Picture right)


Summer Course_20141114_4  Summer Course_20141114_5 Summer Course_20141114_6

・Students remove the shoetree (forma) from the shoe, screw the heel on, and then insert an insole. (Picture center)
・This continuing student is wearing the last shoe he made in the class as a daily wear. (Picture right)


Summer Course_20141114_7  Summer Course_20141114_8

・Students can proceed with the instructor anytime they have a problem, which helps them to get a deeper understanding. (Picture left)
・As shoe lasting (montaggio) procedure is the same for any style of shoe, students make sure to perform it in the correct order. (Picture center)



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