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Staff Blog≫ Shoemaking: Adhesive method, Goodyear welt 2

接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法2 27.5.2014

接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法  接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法  接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法

・This student is making the open-lace by using black and white leather for Tirolese stitching style shoes.(Picture left)
・This is an intermediate sole for Goodyear welt shoe. It is important to make the depth of groove even.(Picture center)
・Students cut out each part as they check the condition of the leather.(Picture right)


接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法  接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法  接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法

・This student is making shoes adopting the mountain-climbing shoe design. He is having a hard time putting it together well.(Picture left)
・The front-half of this intermediate sole is made by Goodyear welt, and the plantar-arch part of it is made by McKay stitching.(Picture center)
・Belted shoe upper is finished for Goodyear welt shoes.(Picture right)


接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法  接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法  接着製法、グッドイヤーウエルト製法

・Stitches on the side give Norwegian-style shoe a solid look.(Picture left & center)
・This adhesive method loafer is now ready for pulling nails out and then adhering the outsole.(Picture right)



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