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Staff Blog≫ About Jewelry Making Class

About Jewelry Making Class
1. A christmassy view from jewellery making classrooms window.

About Jewelry Making Class
2. Jewellery making class, working tables and on backround there is a fusion place to make metal alloys, and on the back wall former students designs.

About Jewelry Making Class
3. Jewellery making machines and chemicals; ultrasonic cleaner on left and acid for cleaning borax after soldering on middle and mola for grinding steel and iron on the right side.

About Jewelry Making Class
4. A lightfull jewellery making classroom.

About Jewelry Making Class
5. A students work; shaping a brass ring between iron punch and a tassello.

About Jewelry Making Class
6. A students toolbox and jewellery making tools.

About Jewelry Making Class
7. A students work; jewellery making student Masayo filing her leaf inspired silver pendant.

About Jewelry Making Class
8. Jewellery making student Joanne drilling a sheet of brass to make a fret work pattern for her brooch.

About Jewelry Making Class
9. Teacher Daniele showing to a student how to adjust the amount of oxigen and gas while making silver alloys.

10. A close up picture of a big torch and a crucible while student is melting her silver alloy.

11. Tools to shape metals, different size round punches, conic one for making bezels, molds to make wire with trafila, shaping cube for making tubes and a spina to hammer bigger objets.

12. A closeup picture for the ready first ring, with some files and a measuring tool on the backround.

13. Bristel and felt rolls for the final light grinding and polishing of the surface.

14. Fusion place with various sizes of crucibles for making gold and silver alloys.

15. My working place at the school. Down there is a layer to collect the precious metal powder, then a layer to solder and on the top of the bench there are some hand tools.

16. On friday mornings we have an art visit lesson, when we visit museums or churches in Florence and nearby, here we are visiting San Miniato church that has an amazing wiev for the city.

17. Art visit lesson teacher Andi telling about San Miniato.


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